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Our vision: ‘The child is at the forefront of our minds and the focus of our interactions’

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-  About us -

We know that every child is an individual and each family is unique.

We work hard to support the whole whānau by offering flexibility and a welcoming environment. We encourage children to grow and progress at their own pace, and be their own person.


Our centre encourages learning and gives kids opportunities to develop physically, emotionally, socially, and intellectually.

With a record of excellent ratings from the Education Review Office, and by keeping up to date with current research in early childhood education, we can provide the best start to your child's learning.

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- We provide -

  • Flexible hours (no minimum)

  • High teacher to child ratios

  • All meals, nappies and wipes

  • Free play and structure

  • Preparation for School programme

  • Little Explorers

  • Individual Learning portfolios

  • Primary caregivers for infants and special teachers for all children 

  • Regular trips for all children, including van trips!

  • Support for children with special needs & allergies

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- Services -

Flexible bookings

Families are busier than ever these days, with parents working all kinds of changing shifts and hours.

We get that, so we organise our bookings around your needs.

Experiences to remember

We love providing the children with new and interesting experiences.

They help children grow into confident adults who are excited by change and new challenges.

Frequently asked questions


Have you been looking at heaps of childcare options? Do you have a tonne of questions?

We've got you covered - take a look at our FAQ section, or feel free to get in touch with us directly.


- Bookings -

Flexibility is our thing!


 No minimum bookings

No charge for absences

Only pay for the hours that you need

Really great for families that need flexible childcare options

Perfect for shift workers.

In a nutshell, tell us what you need and we'll work with you to make it happen.

- Experiences -

There's always plenty for children to do at Crackerjacks, and they are always busy.

The kids might be going on a bug hunt, enjoying messy play, interacting with the chickens, ducks, kunekune pigs, donkey, alpaca, or hopping in the centre van for an excursion.

We are constantly providing new experiences to challenge their thinking, as well as giving opportunities for them to practice and master skills. 


We provide plenty of varied resources for each age group to support their learning, and encourage their social and emotional development.

Teacher reading to student

"I have always found Crackerjacks welcoming and extremely accommodating. We have had positive experiences with all the staff.  The caring and relaxed nature of Crackerjacks has always been a noticeable point."


—  Kylie

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